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At Island Lake we have three Lazy Days during first session and two during the second. On Lazy Day there is no formal wake-up, you are free to get out of bed anytime before our 10:30am brunch. Breakfast is available early for those who want it. In the afternoon you will take a trip to the movies, a bowling alley, or an amusement or water park.

We take various "field trips" for different activities, as well. Each session we take our baseball enthusiasts to the National Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, NY. Canoers and kayakers who can paddle strongly have the opportunity to take an overnight trip down the Delaware River each session. Campers who enjoy science can go on trips during the summer to an observatory and a coal mine. Magicians have an opportunity once a summer to go to the Houdini Museum.

We have a three day Color War during our second session. Each summer we create new theme names for the two teams and they use those names in imaginative ways throughout their three days of fun. All campers and staff are divided into these two teams to compete in all aspects of camp. If you’re a camper with no interest in sports, there are other ways to get involved and truly love Color War!

There is a "Teen Trip" each summer during our second session, as well. We rotate between Cleveland, Toronto & Niagara Falls, Boston, and Montreal & Quebec. Any camper in attendance during the second session who is entering ninth grade or older is eligible for this. Check out our “Teen Trip” link to the left for more details.