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Happy New Year! January Parent News!

Happy New Year!  All of us at Island Lake hope you had a wonderful holiday season filled with love, happiness, and lots of presents.  Our countdown for summer 2021 has already kicked into gear and our opening day of camp will be here before we know it.  Words cannot even describe our excitement for summer […]


December Parent News

Hey Island Lake Parents!  We hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday.  With winter just about here, it is our hope that your children will always have “camp on the brain” and continue to share their wonderful ILC summer 2019 memories with you.  Our countdown for next summer has already kicked into gear and opening […]


November Parent News

Hey ILC Parents!  We hope you and your children had a fun, safe Halloween filled with enough candy to last them a lifetime.  We also hope your children SHARE all of their treats with you.  (Otherwise, you may want to pull a “Jimmy Kimmel” and eat all their candy while they’re asleep!) Normally at this […]