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Why Work at Island Lake Why Work at Island Lake

Thank you for your interest in working at Island Lake. Our staff members play the most important role in camp by creating a memorable summer for the campers and themselves. During your stay at Island Lake you will establish very special relationships with your campers and your co-workers. You will meet people that become your closest friends. Your campers will stay in touch with you throughout the years. You will become a very important person in the life of a child and you will experience a satisfaction that can't be duplicated elsewhere.

We feel that happy counselors make happy campers. We treat our staff members the way we would want to be treated ourselves. We are not there to look over your shoulder and criticize you and the job you are doing. We are there to help you do your job to the best of your ability and we create an atmosphere that facilitates this. We empower you to do your best and become a better person from your summer experience.

Staff Having Fun with Campers

In addition, we offer a higher salary and more time off than most camps. We guarantee you a period off on each regular activity day. (During your period off you are welcome to try activities outside of the area in which you teach.) We know that you will work very hard at camp and it is important that you have time to yourself. We are located less than three hours from New York City and Philadelphia as well as being close to Ithaca, Syracuse, & Binghamton. These are places that you can travel to on your days off. Your days off are 36 hours long, giving you the opportunity to travel and experience the northeastern United States.

Another advantage to working at Island Lake is that all of our children create their own schedules by choosing their activities. This means that you, as an instructor, will only have campers coming to your classes who want to be there. This allows you to teach more and worry less about children who aren't interested in what you are teaching.

The fact that over 45% of our staff return each year says it all!