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Friday, August 1st

Happy Halloween!  Halloween isn’t until October 31st you say?  Well, here at Island Lake Halloween is on August 1st, at least this year it is.  Many of our campers and staff got into the holiday spirit and dressed up to trick-or-treat in all of the departments today.  It was a fun day for all.  Check out our daily summer photos on CampMinder for Halloween pictures.

Today was also MUSIC LUNCH!  I played music in the dining room and all of our campers and staff got up and danced to tunes after eating their lunches.  We enjoyed some great pop music followed by some good ol’ fashion line dancing (if you call “Wobble” and “Cupid Shuffle” ol’ fashion!).  The following are some music lunch highlights,…

DSC03529 DSC03530 DSC03528 DSC03533 DSC03531 DSC03534 DSC03536 DSC03535 DSC03537 DSC03539


We had some sports today, as well.  Our 9th grade boys played in a tennis match against another camp and won every single match.  Go tennis boys!  Our 6th grade boys baseball team played out of camp, as well as our 5th grade girls soccer team.  We hosted an in-camp ILC Monster Dash today, which was a 5K run along with a “fun run”.

Our theater department hosted an Open Mic event this afternoon in the 3rd minor.  Kids got up on stage and performed for their friends who were in the audience.  More good times!

The CIT’s had their trip out of camp today to the big, local, exciting town of Deposit, NY.  They went to see the new movie, “Guardians of the Galaxy”, followed by dinner at the Italian restaurant in town.  Camp was nice and quiet without our CIT’s here in the late afternoon hours (Hardy Haha!)

Tonight’s evening activity is the session 2 Circus Show!  Lots of campers will be performing on the flying trapeze, high wire, mini-trampoline, rolling globe, lyra, Russian Swing, fabric, swinging trap, triple trap, teeterboard, ground skills, etc.  The circus show theme,…Halloween!  We are now getting into our 2nd session performance week and we will record every show for our parents to order on DVD after the summer.

Enjoy the rest of your day and until tomorrow, ILC U THERE!