Monthly Archives: October 2016

ILC Video Yearbook Now Online!

We’re happy to present you with our Island Lake 2016 video yearbook online! This link will take you directly to our yearbook on Vimeo, There you can also view our weekly videos from this past summer. We will not be mailing out DVD copies of our yearbook since many families no longer use DVD players in their homes.

Please share this link with your children, your family, your friends, your children’s friends, their friends’ friends, and anyone and everyone who would enjoy the Island Lake experience!

So grab your campers, a bowl of popcorn, and kick back and relax as you click the play button. You will be taken into the world of Island Lake where you will feel like a child once again and experience all the joy and love that camp has to offer your children.  We hope your kids love feeling as if they are at home in 18462 once again!