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Camp Reunion!

25 MORE DAYS! Yup, that’s right, we’re counting down the days and we have only 3 ½ more weeks until our much anticipated Island Lake 2013 Camp Reunion takes place! We are so excited to see many of our happy campers, along with local staff members. We can’t wait for screams of excitement when friends embrace one another, first time seeing each other since saying goodbye at camp this past summer.

All of our Island Lakers, current and past, are welcome to join us on November 23rd at Sportime USA in Elmsford, NY. Our reunion will take place from 10am- 1pm so don’t be late! Campers will be given game cards to enjoy all that this indoor amusement center has to offer: arcade games, laser tag, indoor bowling, rides, and more.

Come and be a part of the fun at Sportime USA in a few weeks. We’ll take tons of photos and post them on our website so if you can’t make it, you can feel as if you were a part of the ILC reunion experience.

Looking forward to seeing many of you in 25 more days! ILC U THERE!!!

New Bunks!!!

We are excited to announce that we are rebuilding Boys & Girls Bunks 21 & 22 for summer 2014! If we receive our permits in time then we will also rebuild Bunks 19 & 20 by next summer, as well. For those of you who checked out Boys & Girls Bunks 23 & 24 this past summer then you know how amazing these new bunks will be. If you never saw the new bunks then you’re in for a great surprise next summer!

The bunks will be 30’ x 74’ each and have wooden beds (single beds and bunk beds). The walls are pine wood, creating a warmer, brighter atmosphere in the cabins. Each will also have its own exhaust fan to circulate the air and keep the bunks cooler on those hot summer days.

Our new bunks will have spacious dressing rooms with tons of cubbies and hanging space, as well as laundry bins to help make your weekly laundry day that much more convenient. The dressing rooms have nice tile floors and the bathrooms have ceramic tile floors. Each building, housing 2 bunks, will have 6 showers and 8 toilets, which is more than our other bunks currently have.

Let’s just say that we’ve overheard campers say that these new bunks are nicer than hotels they’ve visited and our counselors say they are nicer than their dorms! Lol, we don’t know what kind of hotels they’ve stayed in but hey, we were happy to hear that. So keep the summer 2014 countdown going and we look forward to seeing many of you on November 23rd at our camp reunion at Sportime USA in Elmsford, NY. Until then, ILC U THERE!

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October Parent News

Hey ILC Parents… With fall upon us, we hope your children are still sharing tons of wonderful ILC memories with you. Our summer 2014 countdown has already kicked into gear and next summer will sneak up on us before we know it. In the meantime, you and your children can continue to view our daily summer photos, weekly videos, & Facebook videos for several months to come.

We are excited to announce that we now have a wonderful Island Lake App for your iPhones and iPads. Sorry but the app has been developed for Apple products only, not for Droids and BlackBerrys. We hope all of our campers, parents, and staff have already downloaded our app and have taken advantage of all of the amazing features it entails. You can check out this past summer’s photos, videos, read our monthly newsletters, and even log onto your CampMinder account, which will come in handy next summer while your children are with us at camp. The home screen of our app even has a countdown of the number of days until summer 2014 begins. Definitely take advantage of our new app if you haven’t already checked it out. We’re really proud of it!

By now, all our 2013 camp families should have received their very own copy of our Island Lake Video Yearbook on dvd. We hope you and your children enjoy watching this amazing video filled with so many fond memories of this summer past. For over an hour you can forget about all that’s going on around you, sit back, relax, and enjoy being taken back to summer so you can truly feel a part of the ILC experience.

We are all getting pumped up for our camp reunion on Saturday, November 23rd at Sportime USA in Elmsford, NY. The reunion will be held from 10am until 1pm and details are located in our monthly newsletters. We look forward to seeing many of our summer 2013 campers and staff there, no RSVP necessary.

We are happy to announce that camp is filling up very quickly for next summer. Be sure to take advantage of our pre-November 1st rates and register your children right away if you have not already done so. You can sign your child up with one of the registration forms we mailed home with your newsletters or you can download our form here on our website under “Island Lake Families” and then “Forms & Mailings” to your left.

Well, that’s about it for now. We’d like to once again thank all of our Island Lake families for making summer 2013 so special. We look forward to our camp reunion on November 23rd. Until then, ILC U THERE!