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February Parent News

Happy February!  As we sit here in our winter office looking at the snow outside of our windows, it feels as though summer 2013 was all a distant dream.  However, our summer 2014 countdown has already kicked into gear and lucky for us, camp will sneak up on us before we know it.  Our camp reunion on November 23rd was a huge success.  Screams of excitement filled the air as campers and staff embraced one another.  We had a great turnout, including children who flew in from other parts of the country just to see their special camp friends.  The reunion never seems to last long enough, unfortunately.  Time flies when we’re having fun catching up with many of our Island Lakers.  Check out our reunion photos posted right here on our website and on our Facebook page.  Go to the homepage here on our site and click the reunion photo link at the bottom of the page.  Enjoy the pictures!

For those families who registered for camp prior to December 1st, you will soon receive your children’s special edition ILC t-shirt.  We hope your kids will love their new addition to their wardrobe and enjoy wearing their shirt to school with pride (and perhaps a long sleeve under it to keep them warm!).

A reminder to our summer ‘13 and ’14 families, don’t forget to read our monthly newsletters.  You can access them here on our website, as well as in your postal mailbox at the start of every month.  Our newsletters provide important information for parents as well as campers, including enrollment and availability updates.

Speaking of enrollment, if you have not yet registered your child for summer ‘14 but plan to do so, please, please, please do not put it off any longer.  Some bunks are now completely full.  We truly do not want to turn away loyal campers so let’s avoid that from happening.  You can register your child with the registration form mailed to you with your newsletter or you can download the form here on our website under “Island Lake Families” and then “Forms & Mailings”.  It only takes a few minutes to fill out the registration form, we promise!

To all current Island Lake families, we look forward to an amazing summer 2014 with your children.  To all prospective families, feel free to contact us if you have any questions after browsing our website:  800-869-6083 or 914-769-6060.  And last but not least to one and all,…ILC U THERE!

Travel Message from Dustin & Trip

Greetings from the road!  Every year around this time, Trip and I pack our bags, hug our wives goodbye and begin our journey into parts unknown to find the best camp counselors in the world.  Literally, The World!  This year our travels have taken us to Edinburgh, Scotland, Manchester, England, Oklahoma and Ohio and it isn’t even February yet!  Future trips will take us from the snowy, great white north that is Canada, all the way to the Lone Star State of Texas.  We search high and low, near and far, no stone is left unturned in our search to discover the best and brightest new staff members for our campers at Island Lake!

This summer, when you’re getting artsy in the Arts & Crafts building or dramatic in Theatre and you wonder why so many counselors sound like characters from the Pixar movie Brave, you can thank our visit to Scotland!  In Manchester, we were helped out by two Island Lake favorites and 2014 returners: Becky Matulewicz and Katie Payne (unfortunately, all of Katie’s boyfriends couldn’t make it).  From Manchester, we used a combination of trains, planes, and automobiles to arrive in Oklahoma and have mini-reunion with noted ILC-ers:  Kenny Forehand, Ashley Oliver and Brad Henry!  All of whom send their love back to each and every one of you, and cannot wait to see you all again under the warm Starrucca sun!

Until next time!

Trip and Dustin

Medical Staff Needed

We are currently looking for doctors and a nurse to fill our health center positions in the 3rd session of camp this summer.  The session is two weeks long so we can accommodate up to 2 doctors, 1 per week.  We’re also looking for a nurse for the full 2 week session.  If you are a doctor, a registered nurse, or you have friends who are and are interested in working at the greatest place on earth (that would be Island Lake, but of course), please contact Trip at [email protected]. Thanks!

Staff Recruitment Time!

We have been very busy here in the winter office getting our staffing needs ready for the upcoming summer.  A lot of returning staff in a variety of departments have already committed to coming back.  We’ve also hired some great new people and we’ve just begun traveling around the globe to hire more outstanding counselors.  We hope to catch up with former staff members during our travels.

Below you will find our travel itinerary for 2014, along with who will be in what time and when.  Staff members should note when we’ll be in your area so you can come visit us.  Even better, call us in advance to make plans to get together while we’re in your neck of the woods. We usually spend the night before each camp fair in the host town, so it’s best to you call us in advance to make plans.  Did somebody say, “Free dinner???”


Jan 21 – Oklahoma State – Trip/Dustin

Jan 22 – Oklahoma – Dustin

Jan 24 – Ohio State – Dustin


Feb 5 Guelph – Dustin

Feb 6 York – Dustin

Feb 11 Ball State – Dustin

Feb 12 Indiana – Dustin

Feb 13 Purdue – Dustin

Feb 15 Manchester – Trip

Feb 16 Amsterdam – Trip

Feb 18 Springfield – Dustin

Feb 19 Amherst – Dustin

Feb 19 Texas A&M – Trip

Feb 20 Texas State – Trip

Feb 21 University of Texas – Trip

Teen Trip

The campers are still talking about it. Last year’s teen trip to Cleveland and our previous trips to
Boston, Toronto and Niagara Falls, and Montreal were absolutely great. For all campers entering
9th grade and higher, we are going to once again offer a multi-day trip to Toronto and Niagara Falls
this summer. This trip will include visits to the CN Tower, the Hockey Hall of Fame, Canada’s
Wonderland Amusement Park, Ontario Science Center, a boat ride up to the falls, and other
attractions during the 3rd session.

At least one member of the Stoltz family and another camp director will accompany the trip so you
know it will be organized and safe. There is an additional tuition of $625 for this trip. No
payment is due at this time and the additional cost will be added to your child’s tuition.
Our previous trips filled up quickly. If your child would like to join us on this 3rd session trip,
please fill out the enclosed trip form ASAP to be sure that your child does not get closed out. If
your child is not yet enrolled for Island Lake Summer 2014, please fill out the enclosed registration
form along with the trip form. If your child is already signed up for Summer 2014 but is not
enrolled for the 3rd session and would like to join us on this trip, please contact our winter office.
All cancellations for this trip must be submitted in writing by May 1st.


We’re looking forward to another great summer and a successful trip to Canada!


The Stoltz Family

New Year’s Resolutions

We hope you all had a wonderful New Year’s celebration.  Who amongst our Island Lakers made New Year’s resolutions this year?  Who is still sticking to their resolutions and following through with them?  Every year millions of people make resolutions but how many actually stick by them all year long?

We’d love to hear from you about any interesting New Year’s resolutions that you made this year and whether you’re still following them.  Just email us at [email protected] or [email protected], include your full name, and we’ll post your responses here on our blog.  We hope to hear from lots of our Island Lakers!

Happy New Year!