Staff Recruitment Time!

We have been very busy here in the winter office getting our staffing needs ready for the upcoming summer.  A lot of returning staff in a variety of departments have already committed to coming back.  We’ve also hired some great new people and we’ve just begun traveling around the globe to hire more outstanding counselors.  We hope to catch up with former staff members during our travels.

Below you will find our travel itinerary for 2014, along with who will be in what time and when.  Staff members should note when we’ll be in your area so you can come visit us.  Even better, call us in advance to make plans to get together while we’re in your neck of the woods. We usually spend the night before each camp fair in the host town, so it’s best to you call us in advance to make plans.  Did somebody say, “Free dinner???”


Jan 21 – Oklahoma State – Trip/Dustin

Jan 22 – Oklahoma – Dustin

Jan 24 – Ohio State – Dustin


Feb 5 Guelph – Dustin

Feb 6 York – Dustin

Feb 11 Ball State – Dustin

Feb 12 Indiana – Dustin

Feb 13 Purdue – Dustin

Feb 15 Manchester – Trip

Feb 16 Amsterdam – Trip

Feb 18 Springfield – Dustin

Feb 19 Amherst – Dustin

Feb 19 Texas A&M – Trip

Feb 20 Texas State – Trip

Feb 21 University of Texas – Trip

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