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August 2013 Session 3

Hey ILC Parents…Summer is flying by so fast that we can’t believe it’s already 3rd session! Although sad to say goodbye to so many amazing campers at the end of our 2nd session, it’s always wonderful to greet fresh faces as they step off of the bus for our final 2 week session.

Session 2 Highlights
1. Out of camp trips to Cooperstown, Lackawanna Coal Mine, canoeing and kayaking down the Delaware River, and camping out overnight in the barn and in the woods.
2. Lazy Day trips to Skate Estate and to see the movie, Monsters University. At Skate Estate they can rollerblade, rollerskate, go down waterslides, play miniature golf, laser tag, or old school arcade games.
3. Visiting Day- We hope all of our session 2 parents and grandparents had a wonderful day here at camp with your children.
4. Color War! It was a race from start to finish, City (blue) vs. Country (grey). Once again, grey pulled through in the end with the win. Check out our summer photos and weekly videos to feel a part of the action.
5. Performance Week- It was another great week of shows here at Island Lake. With our circus show, dance show, rock concert, magic show, and musicals, our campers all shined under the spotlight. You can order these performances on DVD after the summer.

We are now looking forward to a fantastic 3rd session with lots of new campers and our annual teen trip coming up. This summer we are going to Cleveland, Ohio and some of the trip highlights include the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, Football Hall of Fame, Cedar Point Amusement Park, and dinner cruise. Our older campers and CIT’s are getting so excited for this 4 day, 3 night trip on August 5th.

Well, that’s about it for now. Enjoy our daily photos and weekly videos on CampMinder, as well as our daily tweets and daily videos on our Facebook page. You are sure to feel as if you are a part of the fun we’re having here at Island Lake! ILC U THERE!!!

A Note From A Camper

So last night I’m hanging out at the canteen with the kids and an 11 year old girl hands me a piece of paper. Notes like this remind me of why we do what we do and why we love it so much! This is what it said:

Camp gives me:
– Shelter
– Bed
– Food
– Fun Summers
– Friends
– Smiles
– Activities
– A Great Time
– AWESOME Counselors
– Cool Bunkmates
– Safe Environment
– Nice Instructors
– Strength
– Skills
– Bravery
– Unbelievable Summers

This is a list of what camp gives me. I really love camp. Thank you very much. I’m excited for next year.


July 2013 Mid-Session 2

Hey ILC Parents… Summer at Island Lake has been fantastic thus far. We couldn’t ask for happier campers, running around and having a blast making friends while enjoying their activities. It was sad to say goodbye to our session 1 campers who went home last week but they left camp with wonderful memories and fabulous new skills.

Session 1 highlights:
1. Tribals was a blast! Four teams played hard for two days with the Green Team taking the victorious win. Check out our daily photos and weekly videos on CampMinder, as well as our daily videos on Facebook to see all of the fun in action.
2. 4th of July rocked here at ILC! Everyone dressed up in their favorite red, white, and blue attire and enjoyed a fun-filled lazy day followed by a cookout and an amazing fireworks display. Our neighbors around our lake can attest that we have the best firework show around!
3. Sports! Congrats to many of our campers who played very well in a variety of intercamp games this past session. We won and we placed in quite a few tournaments, including tennis and volleyball.
4. Performance Week at ILC was a success, as well. Everyone worked very hard on these shows and they were enjoyed by all. Campers also put on a fantastic circus show, dance show, rock concert, and magic show. Parents will have an opportunity to purchase copies of these performances on DVD after the summer.

Currently, we couldn’t ask for a better 2nd session. Although it’s been extremely warm, the rain is finally staying away and our campers are taking full advantage of all of the activities we offer. We now look forward to Visiting Day on July 20th and Color War on…just kidding! Can’t tell you when it will break. All we can tell you is to stay tuned and check out our daily tweets, Facebook videos, and CampMinder photos for a glimpse of what’s to come here at ILC.

Enjoy and as always, ILC U THERE!

July 2013 Mid-Session 1

Hey ILC Parents… Summer 2013 is now in full swing and the kids are having a blast! We’re always excited to see so many “happy campers” step off of the bus, both new and returning to ILC. Watching friends run to embrace one another and greet the new campers is always amazing. You can witness it all by viewing our daily summer photos and weekly videos via CampMinder, as well as our video blogs on our Facebook page.

Many of your children have already accomplished more than you could ever anticipate: passing their deep water test, improving a tennis swing, getting a part in the shows, successfully walking the tight wire in circus, mounting a horse, making friendship bracelets for everyone in the bunk, strumming a guitar for the very first time,…the list can go on and on.

As a reminder, session 1 ends on Thursday, July 11th. All campers leaving after session 1 will return to their designated bus stops at approximately 12 o’clock noon (give or take ½ hour). We will then board the buses with our session 2 campers and depart from each location at 1pm sharp. If your child will be coming up to camp on July 12th, please be sure to arrive at the bus stop by 12:30 to ensure an on time departure.

We have some amazing activities and events in the works, including our traditional 4th of July spectacular firework show and tribals. Enjoy our daily summer photos, weekly videos, and Facebook videos. Guaranteed, you will feel as if you are a part of the ILC experience!