November Parent News

Hey ILC Parents!  We hope you and your children had a fun, safe Halloween filled with enough candy to last them a lifetime.  We also hope your children SHARE all of their treats with you.  (Otherwise, you may want to pull a “Jimmy Kimmel” and eat all their candy while they’re asleep!)

Normally at this time of year I would express how excited we are to see all of our campers later this month at our annual Camp Reunion at SportimeUSA in Westchester, NY.  Sadly, due to the current state of affairs in our country, we are unable to safely host a reunion for all of our Island Lakers.  If circumstances change later this year then we will re-evaluate at that time. 

Are your children still sharing their wonderful ILC memories with you?  We sure hope so!  Our summer 2021 countdown is in full swing and camp will sneak up on us before we know it.  As of November 1st, only 237 days until Opening Day at Island Lake!  In the meantime, you and your children can continue to view our daily summer photos on Waldo, our weekly videos on youtube, our daily blogs that were written all summer long right here, as well as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter posts.  We will continue to post on all of these social media platforms throughout the year so be sure to check us out often and “like” our posts.

Registration for summer 2021 is going very well thus far.  I’m happy to report that some bunks are already full!  If you have not yet enrolled your children and have been waiting to see how things progress with regards to the pandemic, feel free to reach out to us to discuss this.  We don’t want you to put off enrollment and risk space availability in your children’s bunks.  The last thing we want to do is turn away our loyal campers because there’s no more space in their bunks. You can enroll your campers with the registration form that we mailed home to you with your monthly newsletter or you can enroll them right here on our website.  Just click “enroll” at the top of this page (or on our homepage).  You can sign up right here online and then we will bill you for the deposit afterwards. 

Being that this past summer should have been our 35th summer that my family, the Stoltz’s, have owned Island Lake, we are excited that the number of 2nd generation campers has been increasing each and every summer.  We’re so lucky to even have 2 siblings whose parents met at ILC as children, got married many years later, and now share their special home away from home with their own children.  Talk about true 2nd generation campers, huh?  The above photo is a group of our 2nd generation campers who were all at ILC during the 1st session in summer 2019.  I posted about this a year ago on our blog and I’d like to continue this annual tradition. We’re so incredibly thankful to our alumni for entrusting us with their children.  We love that they want to continue to pass down their camp experiences to their kids, so this is just one way for us to say “thank you” to them.   Since I couldn’t get an updated photo this past summer, this 2019 pic will have to do for now.

Wow, it’s crazy how the holidays have already snuck up on us, huh?  Enjoy your Thanksgiving with loved ones who are closest and dearest to you.  I’ll be back here in a month from now to post my December blog for all of you.  Until then, ILCUTHERE!

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