Monthly Archives: July 2016

Saturday, July 2nd

Hello Island Lake parents! Can you believe we’re already 1 week into camp? Time sure does fly by when we’re having fun. And fun is indeed what you’re children are having here at ILC so far.

Today was partly sunny but pretty chilly in terms of summer weather. We hit highs only in the upper 60’s to low 70’s but hey, that’s perfect weather for sports. And speaking of which, today we had several intercamp games in and out of camp. Our Island Lakers did very well and even won some of their tournament games against other camps. Here’s a run down of sports that took place today:

  1. Girls 4th & 5th grade basketball out of camp this morning
  2. Girls 8th & 9th grade soccer this morning here at camp
  3. Girls 6th & 7th grade softball out of camp this afternoon
  4. Boys 4th & 5th grade tennis out of camp this afternoon

Tonight’s evening activity is a new one here at Island Lake called “Field Night.” Contrary to what all of our campers may think, tonight is not “Revival Night” (an ILC all time favorite evening activity that we surprise our campers with every session. More details to come regarding Revival at a later date.). Field night is similar to “field day” at your children’s schools. Here’s how it works:

Our campers will start at a variety of stations to participate in events such as the 3-Legged Race, Egg & Spoon Relay, Water Balloon Toss, Water Pitcher/Cup Relay, Unlace & Re-lace a Shoe, and the Hula Hoop Race. Campers will rotate to each station with their bunks to participate in each event.

There will be a 7-minute time limit at each station to complete the events. When the horn sounds, it will be time for our campers to move to their next station. Most activities are timed; therefore the bunk that finishes first, wins. There will be 1 winning bunk per age group. The winners will receive 50 points towards Bunk Cup (To read more details about Bunk Cup, please see my blog on June 26th). Our campers are having an absolute BLAST with Bunk Cup this session so it ties in well with tonight’s Field Night evening activity.

Today’s special feature is ARTS & CRAFTS! Enjoy the photos below. Tomorrow I have a special treat for all of you on my blog. Stay tuned and until then, ILCUTHERE!

Friday, July 1st

Happy July 1st! Today we’re back to our majors and minors after spending an amazing Lazy Day at Dorney Park and Wildwater Kingdom yesterday. Our campers had such a fantastic day at Dorney, both on rides of all sizes and in the water park. It was the perfect day, weather-wise, for a trip to an amusement/water park. We took the kids in the nice coach buses so it was an easy trip to/from Allentown, PA. Hopefully you’ll receive wonderful feedback from your children in the form of letters, telling you all about this fun-filled day out of camp.

Today we woke up to partly cloudy skies and temps in the upper 60’s. The weather has been a bit odd and quite mixed, ranging from sunny skies to drops of rain here and there, with temps in the low 70’s. All activities took place, as the rain was very brief and next to nothing in accumulation of any kind.

We had our first intercamp game today! Our cute little 5th grade boys went out of camp to play basketball at a nearby Wayne County camp. Go Island Lakers!

Tonight’s evening activity is GROUPS! Here’s a breakdown of what everyone is going to do here at camp: Boys Groups 1 & 2- they will play Capture the Flag together; Boys Group 3- they will play a fun game of Dodgeball (or 2 games or 3 or,…well, you got the idea); Boys Group 4- they are having a Campfire with girls group 4. And on the girls side: Girls Groups 1 & 2- they will play Gaga together in our fab Gaga pit; Girls Group 3- Cupcake War (I’ll explain more in a moment); Girls Group 4- they will have a campfire with boys group 4. Cupcake Wars is pretty basic. The activity consists of every camper receiving their very own cupcake to decorate however they choose. It will be a bunk by bunk competition so the bunk with the best looking cupcakes wins. “What does the winner get” you ask? Why, bragging rights but of course.

Today’s blog feature is a medley of photos from our trip to Dorney Park yesterday. Enjoy the start to your 4th of July holiday weekend and until tomorrow, ILC U THERE!