Friday, July 17th

Happy first full day of 2nd session! With partly sunny skies and temps in the 70’s, it made for the perfect day to run around and have some fun here at Island Lake.  We had a little drizzle this afternoon but it wasn’t enough to affect any activities.  Our campers stayed busy with their 4-minors of auditions, level testing, and trying out activities that they’d like to sign up for as their majors.

Later this afternoon we held our special camp traditional activity,…Panic! I announce items from the bunk and the kids run in to retrieve them to bring out to their group leaders/judges in the middle of their campuses. The bunk with the most points wins LTB (Late To Bed). We get creative with examples such as 2 campers wearing last summer’s blue & grey Color War t-shirts doing leap frog from their bunk to the judges. Another item may be as simple as a red Island Lake canteen token. I play music after announcing each item so our campers can sing and dance along while playing Panic. It’s a fun activity for all ages.

Once Panic was over our group leaders went around to all of their bunks to sign up our campers for their majors. All of our department heads were in the office to assist in case of activity conflicts during the same major. We assist the campers with their schedule to make sure they can take every activity they’d like and be sure no one is closed out of an activity.

Meanwhile, after 2 big days of hiking national parks (Zion & Bryce), our kids out west took it easy today as they traveled to Flagstaff, Arizona. They’ll top off the night with dinner near their hotel and then they’ll go see a movie.

Tonight’s evening activity is groups. Here’s a run-down of what each group is doing (weather permitting):  BOYS: Group 1- sk8 games, Group 2- capture the flag, Group 3- campfire, Group 4- kong pong. GIRLS: Group 1- pool party, Group 2- campfire (separate fire pit from the boys), Group 3- theater games, Group 4- gaga.

Today’s special feature is DINING ROOM BUNK TABLE PICS! Enjoy and until tomorrow, ILC U THERE!

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