Monday, August 4th

Today was the last day of the 2nd session and unlucky us, we ran into quite a snag today.  This morning around 10am our power went out throughout the entire camp and it didn’t return until around 3pm this afternoon.  We apologize to any of you who tried calling us during that time.  Although it was a huge inconvenience to us in the office, our campers had a great time with the black out.  For some reason, they enjoyed “roughing it” during those few hours.  Now we’re trying to get our internet back up and running.  Once our internet is back I will post this blog.

Today we had only majors and then this afternoon we had super clean-up and packing time for those campers who are leaving tomorrow.  Later this afternoon we had our big Rock Concert in the gym.  The theme was the 90’s so the kids rocked on to the oldies from that decad.  Well, oldies according to the kids, yesterday’s music according to us!

Tonight’s evening activity is the older kids’ show, “Hairspray”!  No doubt they will do a fantabulous job on the show tonight.  Corie is an amazing director and Natalie has designed some beautiful sets (with the help of their talented staff, but of course).  Tomorrow you will be able to view photos of the show on CampMinder.

I apologize but with the craziness of today’s black out and preparing for tomorrow’s changeover day, I don’t have a special feature for today.  However, since this is being posted late, there will be another blog later on this evening.

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