Monday, July 20th

Yee-haw! Hey ya’ll! Happy Country Western Day here at Island Lake! Many campers and staff dressed up all day in anticipation of tonight’s Hoedown. Arts & Crafts and Cooking offered minors dedicated to it. Tonight’s big Hoedown is going to be a blast! Our Texas counselors will teach kids how to line dance, there will be a pie-eating contest, kids can search for lollipops in a haystack, we’re serving chili, and even having a marriage booth. Fun for everyone involved!

At lunch today we had a County Western costume contest. The winning bunk on the girls side was G12 and the winning bunk on the boys side was B22. The camper who won for overall best dressed was Ariella B. The winning bunks get LTB tonight. Below you will see pictures of these winners as well as lots of other campers and staff all dressed up.

Today in sports our 6th & 7th grade boys tennis teams had a tournament outside of camp. We also hosted a 5th grade boys baseball game here at camp this afternoon.

Our CITs had a fantastic day yesterday at the Grand Canyon. I’m going to post an extra set of photos so you can see the beautiful scenery they experienced. Today they departed for Sedona, Arizona where they will have a nice relaxing day after their long hike in the canyon yesterday. They will enjoy the hotel pool and then have dinner in Sedona.

Speaking of out of camp trips, just a reminder to parents of kids entering 9th grade and older. We added a 2nd bus for our Boston trip in the 3rd session. Now we have available slots for additional campers. If you have not yet signed your child up for the trip but would like to, just give us a call here at camp and we’ll send you the appropriate forms. You can also sign up your teen for the trip on Visiting Day here in the office. Your child must be entering 9th grade or higher, must sign up for the 3rd session, and the trip is an additional fee.

Today’s special feature is campers dressed up for COUNTRY WESTERN DAY! Enjoy these photos in additional to the Grand Canyon ones and until tomorrow, ILC U THERE!

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