Session 3 Teen Trip to Boston


Hey teenagers, are you ready for another exciting 3rd session trip? That’s right, this summer our adventure takes us to Boston!

There are only 3 requirements for you to join us on this 4 day/3 night trip: 1. You must be entering 9th grade or up (CIT’s included). 2. You must be registered for 3rd session. 3. You must be prepared to have tons of fun!

We recently sent out a mailing to all families with campers entering 9th grade and up. That mailing included a trip enrollment form along with other important details.

If you are not currently registered for the 3rd session but would like to go on the trip, please have your parents contact us to add the session. Keep in mind that there’s limited space on this teen trip and many families sign their children up as soon as they receive the mailing.

Looking forward to a fantastic trip to Boston and Martha’s Vineyard!

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