Wednesday August 10

Hello Island Lake Families!

Today started as a raining day here but the weather quickly cleared up into a beautiful day in the 70’s.

This morning we sent campers from our magic department to the Houdini Museum in Scranton. The campers and staff who went had a magical time.

We continued our Camp of Thrones challenges today as well. The kingdoms (departments) are creating alliances to add specific skill sets to gain an advantage. Which Kingdom will win? Who will be crowned our Camp of Thrones champion?

Our Montreal trip continued today at Montmorency Falls. Then they visited Quebec City where they saw Old Quebec, Citadel, Lower Town as well as the Palace Royal. It was a very full day of sites, sounds, memories and fun.

Tonight’s evening activity is Groups!

Girls Group 1 and 4 are having a Big Sister and Little Sister night. They will have a blast with nail painting, bonding and Girls Group 1 giving makeovers. It will truly be a “girls night in”. Girls Group 2 is having a PJ Party Extravaganza Dance and Girls Group 3 will be having fun on the Slip and Slide.

Boys Group 1 is playing Xtreme Games, while Boys Group 2 is playing Tchauckch Ball. Tchauckch Ball is a game that is played quite often at pioneering, so the Group 2 Boys are really looking forward to tonight’s activity. Boys Groups 3 and 4 are having a Campfire, s’mores and all.

Tomorrow is our lazy day, where we will have a Carnival on camp. The campers are looking forward to the games, and activities that will be set up all across the grounds. Check back tomorrow for pictures of our festival fun.

On to your special photo feature surprise… Qudditch! Our sports staff went above and beyond creating a Qudditch pitch today for our campers to learn how to play a real Qudditch match.

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