Wednesday, July 20th

Happy Neon Wednesday everyone! Today is “Neon Day” here at Island Lake so our campers and staff are all sporting their fluorescent yellow, pink, green, orange, blue, etc. clothing for fun. Can you believe that Visiting Day is only 3 days away? Where did the summer go? It’s flying by way too fast. Guess that’s what happens when you’re having fun.

Speaking of fun, last night’s evening activity was a great time. Our Island Lakers always enjoy camp-wide games by the Simon Sez guy (Steve Max). After Steve Max, we had ETB, Early To Bed. We had our staff meeting during rest hour while our campers were supposed to be writing letters home to all of you moms and dads. No promises since you’ll be here in 3 days, but we hope they all wrote home to you.

Tonight is LTB, Late to Bed, since tomorrow is Lazy Day. With LTB, our campers will have an extra half hour added on to their curfew. Tomorrow morning everyone can sleep in late, as our 8am breakfast is optional. We have brunch at 10:30am for the camp and then we will all head out for a day of fun. Groups 1 & 2 are going bowling and groups 3 & 4 are going to the movies to see “Tarzan.”

Today was our 2nd session tubing trip down the Delaware River. It was the perfect weather for a lazy river stroll with temperatures in the mid 70’s and the sun shining strong.   We also had 2 separate volleyball games, both here at camp. Our 8th & 9th grade coed team excitingly won their match against the other camp this morning. Our coed 10th and 11th grade game was played this afternoon and unfortunately they didn’t take the win. Lastly, our 8th & 9th grade girls tennis team played this afternoon out at another camp. This was their next round as they make their way towards the finals in Wayne County.

Tonight’s evening activity is GROUPS. Here’s a list of what we have for the kids: BOYS: Group 1- Sk8 Arcade (bunch of games for the little boys in the skatepark): Group 2- Kong Pong: Group 3- Messy Twister: Group 4- Pool Party (with girls group 4):  GIRLS: Group 1- Scavenger Hunt: Group 2- Campfire: Group 3- Gaga (for the lower half of group 3) & a Campfire (separate fire pit than group 2 & for the upper half of group 3),: Group 4- Pool Party (with boys group 4)

More Color War fake breaks happening here at camp. Tomorrow is Lazy Day so we can’t break Color War then,…or can we? (Wink Wink) Until then, ILCUTHERE!

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