Wednesday, July 30th

Today our regular schedule of activities once again resumed.  It was an amazing 3 days of Color War and Music, the blue team, took home the win.  The grey team’s winning streak has finally come to an end, as have the rumors that the winner of the rope burn loses Color War,…lol!  No matter what team they were on, everyone should be proud of their hard work and fun, exciting memories they created over the course of these past 3 days.

With our regular schedule back in gear, the sun has finally showed its face again.  Although last night was very chilly, the temps have been warming up all day into the low 70’s with partly cloudy skies.

Today our dancing girls went out of camp for a dance competition.  They did very well and placed 2nd out of about 10 camps total.  Great job to our dancers!  Our 7th grade boys played soccer here at home, as well.

Lastly, our 9th grade girls tennis played in the finals here at camp this afternoon they won!  Our girls are the Wayne County champions in their age group!  We’re so proud of them.

Our athletes are now training for an ILC 5K run and Tough Mudder.  This Tough Mudder consists of obstacles all around camp including water and mud.  It should be a fun, exciting challenge for our “tough campers”.

Today’s special feature is the ROPES COURSE & GIANT SWING!  Check out the photos below,…

DSC03502 DSC03513 DSC03503 DSC03504 DSC03505 DSC03507 DSC03509 DSC03510


Tonight’s evening activity is Groups!.  Here’s a list of what each group is doing:

Boys:  Group 1- movie (with girls group 1);  group 2- horseshoes;  group 3- dodgeball;  group 4- pool party (with girls group 4);  group 5- field day (kickball & capture the flag with girls group 5)

Girls:  Group 1- movie (with boys group 1);  group 2- gaga;  group 3- campfire;  group 4- pool party (with boys group 4);  group 5- field day (kickball and capture the flag with boys group 5)

That’s about it for now  Tomorrow is Lazy Day so the kids are all excited for LTB tonight.  I’ll fill you in on our Lazy Day out of camp trips tomorrow.  Until then, ILC U THERE!

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