Monday, July 3rd

Am I getting too repetitive if I say that today was another beautiful day in Starrucca, PA? We woke up to temps in the low to mid 60’s but we quickly hit the low 70’s by late morning.  This afternoon was a blistering high of mid 70’s with lots of sunshine. It’s incredible what a temperature difference we have up here versus where you live, huh? I hear it’s a lot hotter south of us here in the Pocono Mountains.

Today was another busy day with sports. This morning our 8th & 9th grade girls went out of camp for big volleyball tournament at another Wayne County camp. Several camps attended so the entire tournament took place in one day by process of elimination. Our 6th & 7th grade girls went out of camp to play in a softball game this morning. Our 8th & 9th grade boys and 10th & 11th grade boys had tennis tournaments at another camp, as well.

Buzz around camp is excitement for tomorrow’s 4th of July festivities as well as our big Lazy Day trip to Dorney Park and Wildwater Kingdom on Wednesday. We know how to celebrate the holidays BIG here at ILC so we’re sure to blow everyone away throughout the 4th of July day. I’m going to keep you in suspense and tell you all about the day tomorrow.

Wednesday morning our campers will hop on coach buses and head to Allentown, PA for a fun day at Dorney. They’ll make amazing summer memories on the roller coasters, thrill rides, kids rides, and huge waterpark. We will have breakfast at camp, feed the kids lunch sandwiches on the way, and then all meet up for a picnic dinner. I won’t have the opportunity to blog that day but I’ll definitely post lots of photos the following day.

Have I made you all jealous yet? Perhaps some of you are reminiscent of your summer camp experiences while others are living vicariously through your children. Don’t worry, Visiting Day will be here before we know it on July 15th. You can be a kid for the day here at camp then.

Today at Island Lake we created a new international holiday. It’s “International Emma Fruhling Piggyback Ride Day”! Emma has grown up with us here at camp since she was a little girl in the youngest bunk. Now she is a counselor in G2, almost the youngest bunk. Our head counselor, Dustin, decided to hand out coupons for kids to trade and then hand in to Emma in order to get a piggyback ride from her. The two of them have been having prank wars since she was about 8 years old, so now it’s her turn to get Dustin back. In the meantime, guess who may have a few sore muscles tomorrow!?!?!

Tonight’s evening activity is ILC IDOL! Once again this summer we will have our own version of American Idol here at camp. Who knows? Maybe we’ll get Katy Perry to come and judge the final rounds! Just kiddin’! We have the preliminary rounds tonight. Our campers will be broken up into their groups to audition amongst them. These auditions will determine who will move ahead to perform for the entire camp in the finale round.

Our special feature today is SKATEPARK! I apologize for some of the blurry images and undisclosed faces but it’s challenging to capture the kids moving in action.  Enjoy these photos and until tomorrow, America’s birthday, ILCUTHERE!

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