Wednesday, July 22nd

Happy Wednesday everyone! Can you believe that Visiting Day is only 3 days away? Where did the summer go? It’s flying by way too fast. Guess that’s what happens when you’re having fun.

Speaking of fun, last night’s evening activity was amazing! We started the night in the circus building with Mo & Tal, our circus directors, putting on a show for the entire camp. About 10 minutes in, the music changed to Revival Night music, the henchmen ran into the circus building, and all of the campers screamed and immediately made a run for the waterfront. As always, Revival Night was a huge success and our campers enjoyed watching their friends repent for all of their previous sins. J

Last night was ETB, Early to Bed. We had our staff meeting during rest hour while our campers were SUPPOSED to be writing letters home to all of you moms and dads. No promises of course since you’ll be here in 3 days, but we hope they all wrote home to you. Tonight is LTB, Late to Bed, since tomorrow is our Lazy Day. I’ll fill you in on the Lazy Day activities tomorrow since we have a surprise in store for one of our age groups.

Today was our 2nd session tubing trip down the Delaware River. It was the perfect weather for a lazy river stroll with temperatures in the low 70’s and the sun shining strong. Our 8th through 11th grade mixed doubles tennis kids went to another camp for a big tournament today.

We had a special event at lunch today called Magic Lunch. Some of our magician campers performed a cool stage magic trick for everyone in the dining room at the end of the meal. I still can’t figure out how they did it,…it must be magic!

Today was the last full day of our teen tour out west. We’re excited for them to return to camp and share their amazing experiences with us. For their final day they visited Arizona State University in Tempe, AZ. Afterwards they enjoyed some retail therapy at the Scottsdale Fashion Square. Tonight they’re going to race their hearts out at K1 Speed in Phoenix, AZ. It’s an indoor go kart race track where the kids will do Grand Prix style racing with a podium ceremony and podium photos and awards at the end. They’ll spend their final night in a hotel in Tempe and then tomorrow they’ll fly out of Phoenix Airport to come back east.

Tonight’s evening activity is groups! Here’s a breakdown of what everyone is doing. GIRLS: Group 1- campfire, Group 2- mini carnival, Group 3- egg drop, Group 4- Mr. & Miss ILC with Boys Group 4. BOYS: Group 1- pool party, Group 2- campfire (separate fire pit from the girls), Group 3- kong pong, Group 4- Mr. & Miss ILC with the girls.

Today’s special feature is MAGIC LUNCH & MOUNTAIN BIKING! 3 more days until we see all of your smiling faces here at camp! Until then, ILC U THERE!

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