March Parent News

Happy March!  As we sit here in our winter office with tons of snow outside our windows, it feels as though summer 2013 is a distant, yet fond, memory.  However, our summer 2014 countdown has kicked into gear and lucky for us, summer, and for that matter camp, will approach before we know it.

All summer 2014 families will receive your annual Island Lake folder any day now. This folder contains TONS of information to prepare you and your children for this summer.  There are forms inclosed that we request you return to us promptly. The Profile Form helps us guide your children when they choose their activities and put together their schedules. The Medical Form must be completed by both a parent and a physician, as required by Pennsylvania law. The Transportation Form lets us know which bus your children will be taking to camp. If we do not receive the Transportation Form in our office by May 1st, we will have to assign a bus to your children. In June, we will send you detailed information on the bus locations, along with luggage tags that you will use to mark your children’s bags. If you misplace any of your forms, they will be available for download here on our website. You can access them by clicking on ‘Forms & Mailings’ to you left-hand side of this page. There will also be information in the folder instructing you how to fill out the transportation and profile forms on-line.

A reminder to our summer ‘13 and ’14 families, don’t forget to read our monthly newsletters.  You can access them here on our website or at the start of every month in your mailbox in hard copy form.  The newsletters provide important information for parents as well as campers, including enrollment and availability updates.

Speaking of enrollment, if you haven’t yet registered your child for summer 2014 but plan to do so, please, please, please do not put it off any longer.  We truly do not want to turn away any of our devoted campers and it’s very difficult for us when forced to do so every year.  Please don’t let that happen to your child.  Some bunks are already full!  It only takes a few minutes to fill out the registration form, we promise!  If you don’t have one handy, click “ILC Families”, “Forms & Mailings” and then print the “2014 Enrollment Form”.

To all current Island Lake families, we look forward to an amazing summer 2014 with your children.  To all prospective families, feel free to contact us if you have any questions after browsing our website:  800-869-6083 or 914-769-6060.  And last but not least, to one and all…. ILC U THERE!

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