2 More Days Until Camp Begins!!!

Two more days!  Camp is finally here and we just want to remind you of a few things.  This blog post is for all camp families this summer, not just those arriving on Saturday, June 25th.

All buses leave our bus locations at 1pm sharp!  Please be sure to give yourself enough time to get to the buses by 12:30pm, especially those of you going to our Queens bus stop. It is inevitable that there is always traffic heading to our Queens bus so leave extra early in order to make it there on time.

Don’t forget to pack your child lunch for the bus ride to camp.  For campers who are flying to Newark, it’s a good idea to send them with extra money for snacks that they’d like to purchase upon arrival at the airport.

Cell phones are strictly prohibited at camp!  Any child caught with a cell phone will be sent home from camp for a 3-day suspension.  Only campers flying here via airplane may travel with a cell phone.  We will collect your flying camper’s phone after your child calls home to let you know that he/she arrived at Newark safely.  Additionally, non-functioning iPhones are not allowed to be used as music players, even with the SIM card removed.

The bunks are all finalized and campers will receive their bunk numbers on their bus ride to camp.  We can no longer accept new bunk requests for the 1st session.  We try to honor all bunk requests to the best of our abilities.

We will once again post hundreds of pictures to our website daily so be sure to go to islandlake.com and login to your Camp Minder account to view the photos and weekly videos. You can also view photos through our Island Lake app by logging into CampMinder on it.

We will once again post a daily blog to our website at islandlake.com. You can also view the blog through our app. On our website scroll down and click the yellow “B” at the bottom of the page to read about what’s going on in camp and see some extra photos.

We will also continue our practice of loading videos to our Facebook page.  You do not need to have a Facebook account in order to view them.  Just visit facebook.com/islandlakecamp to see the daily video clips.

Last, but definitely not least, we will be tweeting daily.  Once again, you do not need to have a Twitter account to see what we are posting.  Simply go to twitter.com/islandlakecamp to know more about your camper’s daily life at Island Lake.

We can’t wait to see all of our first session campers roll in on the buses this Saturday, June 25th!  ILCUTHERE!!!


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