Island Lake’s Clothing Outfitter

At Island Lake, we have a no uniform policy.  We will give every camper an Island Lake t-shirt when they arrive at camp so they can wear it as they wish, as well as on out of camp trips and inter-camp sports games.  Many campers like to purchase and wear additional Island Lake clothing such as sweatshirts, shorts, and athletic clothing.  We work with Bunkline clothing outfitter to provide you with all of your ILC gear.  They also provide other necessities for camp such as bedding, bathroom needs, duffel bags, and many other accessories.  We recommend that you check out their website to see all that they offer:

Bunkline Clothing Outfitter

Below is a schedule for Bunkline’s road show this year.  If you’d like to take your children to visit them, try items on, and see all that they offer, check out their schedule to see when they’ll be in your area.  Happy shopping!

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