Saturday, July 30th

Happy “Ballin’ Braids Day Challenge”! Today we are braiding the hair of every camper (& counselor) who has hair long enough, boys included! Campers signed up for free swim at the lake during the minors to have some staff braid their hair (if they didn’t already braid it amongst themselves). Below is a video of children getting their hair braided for this special day.

Holy cow, there are only 2 more full days left in the 2nd session! Where has this summer gone? The saying is definitely true, time flies when you’re having fun! We hope your children are having the most remarkable, amazing, fantastic, extraordinary, spectacular, wonderful, memorable summer with us here at Island Lake. We’re sure they’ll come home and share tons of great stories with you. It’s just hard to believe that their wait for next summer will have to start all over again.

Let’s just focus on the here and now since our ILC summer is going so incredibly well.   Last night’s Dance Show & Magic Show were both a success. Our campers did an amazing job up there on stage. You’d never know that they had less time to practice this session. As opposed to 1st session, we had 2 Lazy Days, 1 Visiting Day, and 3 days of Color War all packed into 2nd session, but still found time for rehearsals.

Our canoe & kayaking campers went on an overnight river trip today. They left this morning and they’ll return tomorrow morning. Last night our pioneering campers hiked up to Tent City for an overnight. They built a smoker to cook food on for later dates, they made s’mores, and played music by the campfire. The kids said they had a “really fun time.”

To go along with the busy day we’re having here at camp, the ILC Open begins today. Many campers are participating in this tennis tournament within camp and have matches to play throughout the day until the end of the session. We got hit with some rain this afternoon so our activities, including sports and tennis, were moved indoors. It’s ok though, we still have time to finish the ILC Open over the course of the next couple of days.

Tonight’s evening activity is our younger campers’ performance of “101 Dalmations.” I hear it’s going to be the cutest thing ever so I’m very excited to see our little kiddies perform. We’ll have lots of pictures to show you tomorrow and if your children are in the show, you’ll have an opportunity to order a copy of the video on DVD after the summer.

I’ll be back tomorrow with more Island Lake scoop. Enjoy the video below and until tomorrow, ILCUTHERE!

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