Saturday, July 6th

We’re baaaaaack! !  Today we’ve returned to our majors and minors after celebrating a super fun 4thof July holiday here at camp and then spending an amazing Lazy Day out of camp yesterday.  Groups 1&2 went to Sky Zone, group 3 went to Montage Mountain Waterpark, and group 4 spent the day in Ithaca.  The weather was super warm and it was beautiful out so everyone had fun-filled successful Lazy Day trips out of camp.   In Ithaca, our campers had the opportunity to swim in the gorges.  Our kiddies at Montage Mountain also stayed cool with the waterpark attractions.  Children follow directions better than me.  They used sunblock while I burned my shoulders by forgetting to place sunblock on them.  Lesson learned,…practice what you preach!  And our Sky Zone kids,…well,…they had air conditioning so they stayed cool while jumping around.

Last night for evening activity the boys and girls of each group rallied and played together. Here’s a breakdown of what they all did: Group 1- Dance Party;  Group 2- Messy Fashion Show;  Group 3- Gaga:  Group 4- ABC Fashion Show (Anything But Clothing Fashion Show)

Today’s weather was a mish mosh of stuff.  We had sun, we had clouds, we had a brief rainstorm during lunch, we had more sunshine, then more clouds,…but overall it was a beautiful day and only 2nd major was affected by the rain.

In ILC sports, our 8thand 9thgrade girls went out of camp to play basketball this morning.  Our 8th& 9thgrade boys also went out of camp this morning, but for a baseball game at a nearby camp.  Our campers all played hard and they played well.

Riddle time!  Here’s a reminder of Thursday’s riddle and the answer: I march before armies, a thousand salute me.  My fall can bring victory, but no one would shoot me.  What am I?  Drum roll for the answer please,…..a FLAG!  I wasn’t even close with that answer.  Here’s today’s riddle:  Whoever makes it, tells it not.  Whoever takes it, knows it not.  And whoever knows it, wants it not.

Tonight’s evening activity is Masked Karaoke!  Have any of you watched The Masked Singeron Fox this past winter?  If so, then you know what this evening activity is all about.  We’ll have staff on the theater stage in a mask and fully body suit to perform a karaoke song for the entire camp.  The kids will then have to figure out who is hiding behind the masked suit.  For instance, a staff member will go out on stage in an ape suit singing “Bohemian Rhapsody”and then the kids have to guess who that staff member is.  We first ran this evening activity last summer and our campers truly enjoyed it so it should be pretty hilarious again tonight!

Today’s special photo feature is Lazy Day at Montage Mountain, Sky Zone, and Ithaca.  Enjoy and until tomorrow, ILCUTHERE!

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