Thursday, July 27

Good Tidings, Best Friends!

It’s Dustin again and I’m here to provide you with the 411 on all the merriment taking place here at Island Lake.

Today started rainy and cloudy but the weather quickly improved and we enjoyed some blue skies and temps in the 70’s,

While we didn’t have any Sports taking place today, we do tomorrow so today was chalk full of sign ups and practices. Fingers crossed that in tomorrow’s blog I can regale you all with stories of Island Lake’s dominance on the athletic fields!

Our Teen Trip is in full swing and our campers spent a fun filled day in that magical, mysterious, mythical land they call Cleveland. Our crew spent the morning taking in the sites and sounds at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for some sweet Elvis swag from Wendy! The afternoon was spent at the Great Lake Science Center for some fun hands-on learning that culminated in a screening of “Incredible Predators” in their Dome Theatre. This evening dinner and entertainment brings the ILC teens to Dave & Busters.

Tonight’s Evening Activity is Groups!

Girls Group 1 is embracing their creative side with a game of The Great Imposter; while Girls Groups 3 & 4 saw how much fun Lip Sync Battle was yesterday and demanded they have a go at it tonight! Girls Group 2 is teaming up with Boys 2 for some Crazy Balloon Games in the Gym. Our older boys are keeping their arms loose because tonight is the camp classic Dodgeball!

Before I let you go, I’ve attached an assortment of photos from the day. There’s nothing like the smile on a camper’s face to get you through today and keep you excited for tomorr


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