Thursday, July 6th




We’re baaaaaack!  !  Today we’re back to our majors and minors after spending an amazing Lazy Day at Dorney Park and Wildwater Kingdom yesterday.  Our campers had such a fantastic day at Dorney, both on rides of all sizes and in the water park.  It was the perfect day, weather-wise, for a trip to an amusement/water park.  We took the kids in coach buses so it was an easy trip to/from Allentown, PA.  Hopefully you’ll receive wonderful feedback from your children in the form of letters, telling you all about this fun-filled day out of camp.

We let the camp sleep in an extra hour since we returned from Dorney a few minutes after 10 o’clock last night.  We rearranged the schedule while still keeping all activity periods 1 hour long.  

We woke up this morning to mostly sunny skies and temps in the mid 60’s.  By afternoon the temps were up to the mid 70’s and it was mostly cloudy.  No precipitation here so we’re good. (wink wink)

We had lots of sporting events take place on this fine Thursday of July.  Our avid golfers went out of camp to play 9 holes this morning.  Our 6th & 7th grade baseball boys played a game here on our home turf.  Our 6th and 7th grade girls basketball players also played in a game here at home this morning.  Lastly, this afternoon our 4th & 5th grade boys went out of camp to play in a baseball game.

Tonight’s evening activity is GROUPS!  Here’s a breakdown of what each group did:  BOYS:  Group 1- Pioneering Game with “Grampa” (Kris, the director of Pioneering) called Human Battleship;  Group 2- Gaga (with girls group 2 up in the hockey rink for a massive game of fun!);  Group 3- Kickball;  Group 4- Campfire (with girls group 4).  And on the GIRLS side:  Group 1- Big Sister/Little Sister (they’ll be receiving big sisters amongst girls group 3 and then they’ll all play together);  Group 2- Gaga (massive game with boys group 2);  Group 3- Big Sister/Little Sister (with girls group 1);  Group 4- Campfire (with boys group 4).

Quote of today comes from a little boy:  “For next week’s Lazy Day can we go to 6 Flags?”  Sorry buddy but we’re amusement parked out for awhile!

Today’s special feature is an array of photos from yesterday’s big trip to Dorney Park. Enjoy and until we do this all over again tomorrow, ILCUTHERE!

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