Tuesday, July 2nd

Hi Island Lake Families! This morning we woke up to some cloudy skies with temps in the mid 60’s. The temps then rose to the mid 70’s with the sun attempting to peek through here and there.  We had a little rain at the start of 1stminor this morning but it only lasted about 5-10 minutes. Today wasn’t all that sunny but the clouds were actually a nice break after a few days of nothing but sunshine.

I’m happy to report that Island Lake 2019 is now officially in full swing.  Our campers are adjusting to their majors, trying out new activities for their minors, and are becoming great friends with their bunkmates.  I hope you can see all the joy on your children’s faces in our daily photos on Waldo.

Speaking of photos, we started to take bunk pictures.  Once they’re complete, we will post them on Waldo.  In addition to our daily photos, we have our 5-year jacket pics posted now for your viewing pleasure.  David Lobel also spent a couple of days here at camp taking photos.  Here’s a link to all of the pictures he posted.  You can download them and print them free of cost. https://davidlobel.smugmug.com/Island-Lake

Each morning at breakfast our campers have minor sheets on their table along with the “Morning News” for the day.  Oliver, our program director, creates the morning news each day with a weather update, what we’ll be cooking in the bistro, she lists all of our campers who have music lessons, campers who are on the waterski rotation for a minor, any inter-camp games we’ll be playing, who has to attend theater rehearsals, who has a birthday that day, a couple of photos, and a riddle of the day.  Last summer I posted the riddle each day on the blog and our parents seemed to enjoy it, so I’ll continue with the trend this summer.  Here is today’s riddle (I’ll post the answer tomorrow along with a new riddle of the day): A sundial is the timepiece with the fewest moving parts.  Which timepiece has the most moving parts?  Feel free to email me your guesses at wendy@islandlake.com.  I have no idea what the answer is.  I may have to cheat and ask Oliver for some hints.

Tonight’s evening activity is GROUPS.  Boys Groups 1& 2- Candlloon Loonies (no error with the spelling. In a nutshell, it’s a trivia scavenger hunt that will end with a piñata filled with candy and toys for all of the children); Boys & Girls Group 3- Ugly Fashion Show (pretty much what it sounds like and it’s always a hoot);  Boys & Girls Group 4- Gaga Battle Royale;  Girls Group 1- Cupcake Wars (takes place in cooking. I should really look into being a judge for this!);  Girls Group 2- Great Imposters (each bunk can bring a laundry bag filled with random stuff and then names of famous people or Island Lakers are called out and they have to dress up like them and put on a skit).

Today’s special feature is ARTS & CRAFTS.  It’s amazing to see so much talent here at ILC.  Many of these projects are still in their beginning stages. Enjoy these pics and until tomorrow, ILCUTHERE!

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