June 27th- 1st Day of Majors & Minors!

Happy first day of majors and minors! The day started off sunny but by lunchtime the inevitable rain came rolling in. I guess it was only due time before we were going to get wet. The rain didn’t stick around for all that long but the skies stayed pretty grey the rest of the day.  It’s all good though,…the kids’ spirits are still high and activities continue on regardless of the weather.

Show rehearsals have started, rock bands have been formed, and dances are being choreographed. Kids are walking around doing magic tricks, making all sorts of arts & crafts projects, and some campers are becoming little chefs in cooking. They’re flying in the air on the giant swing, as well as on the circus trapezes. Kids are learning to use the half pipes in our skatepark from beginners to advanced and science experiments are being created by children of all ages.   Sports and tennis went on per usual this morning and they just took place in the gym this afternoon until the rain stopped. We’re so pumped for all the action going on here at Island Lake, rain or shine!

Tonight’s evening activities are GROUPS once again. Our campers will continue to work on their Bunk Cup flags, videos, and plaques.   I have to tell you, our campers are getting so into Bunk Cup this summer and it’s amazing! Bunks such as G1, the little girls, are challenging older boys bunks to fun activities such as friendship bracelets! Some girls bunks have also challenged one another to a dance off. I, personally, am very excited to see the Bunk Cup Opening Ceremonies tomorrow night. More info to come once this takes place.

After evening activity tonight our campers will be off to socialize at the canteen and gym once again. We also opened a TEEN LOUNGE this summer for our campers who are entering 9th grade and older (boys and girls group 4 and CITs). They’ll have access to a television with a satellite dish, a soda machine, and couches to hang around and socialize on. The teen lounge is a good alternative to hanging around in the gym and the canteen every night. Our kids seem excited about it, too!

To summarize the first few days here at Island Lake, I can honestly tell you, our camp parents, that our campers are having so much fun here forming everlasting friendships with one another and learning so many skills in their activities. We couldn’t be happier for all of them!

Today’s special photo feature is SPORTS. Here are a few of the activities that took place this morning, prior to the rain setting in. Some of the group pictures are children doing Mojo Fitness, and these photos took place once they returned from their run and were stretching.  Enjoy the pictures and until tomorrow, ILC U THERE!

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