Tuesday, July 28th

Hi Island Lake families! Although the weather gods were not very nice to us yesterday, this morning, or late this afternoon, the sun broke through on occasion throughout the day. Rain came back to haunt us during snack break (after 3pm) and pounded on us during the latter activities of the day. Neither rain nor cloudy skies have affected your children’s experiences here at camp. Today we also started taking bunk photos and I promise we’ll post them on CampMinder as soon as they’re complete, probably tomorrow afternoon.

The talk around camp is Thursday’s Lazy Day trip to Dorney Park. Everyone is getting very excited for a fun day in the sun at the park! They’ll have the opportunity to go on rollercoasters, smaller rides (especially for the younger kids), and a super big water park. Last year’s trip was a huge success so we’re anticipating the same for this summer.

Tonight’s evening activity is the Bunk Cup Opening Ceremonies. Our campers are getting so into Bunk Cup and I, personally, am very excited to see the videos, flags, and plaques that our campers have created these past couple of nights during evening activity. Points have started being given out during activities and bunk challenges are taking place. Today at lunch, girls bunk 1 and girls bunk 2 had a dance off.  Girls bunk 1 took the points as the winners. We love all of the camp spirit going into Bunk Cup thus far.

This evening, after evening activity, we have our first weekly ETB of the summer. ETB stands for “early to bed”. That means there is no canteen and the kids go straight back to their bunks after evening activity to get a good night’s rest. With so much running around these past few days, they can all use an ETB night (as can I!).

Today’s special feature is the climbing wall, the giant swing, and the ropes course! Below are photos from all of the above. Enjoy and until tomorrow, ILC U THERE!

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