Wednesday, June 29th

Hi Island Lake Parents! Our campers are well rested after a night of ETB and now we’re all preparing for a fun day at Dorney Park tomorrow. We’re excited for a day of sunshine, rides, rollercoasters, and relaxation in a great big amusement and water park. Tomorrow there will be no blog, nor will we be posting daily summer photos photos, but we’ll make up for it on Friday. I’ll tell you all about Dorney in Friday’s blog and we’ll post lots of pictures from the amusement/water park on CampMinder with our other daily photos.

Speaking of pictures, today we will be posting bunk photos. I hope you enjoy seeing your happy child along with his/her bunk of kids. Our campers seem to love their counselors, and this is greatly apparent just by looking at our pics. However please remember, these pictures were taken in a quick moment of time. If it’s not the most flattering photo of your child, do not fret over it. It doesn’t mean that anything is wrong; rather, we just didn’t take a photo of your child at his/her best moment.

Today was mostly cloudy and the temperature rose throughout the day from the 60’s to the low 70’s. It was perfect weather for outdoor sports/activities. It’s amazing how quickly the temperature has changed here at camp over the past several days. Our first day, opening day, was sunny and around 80 degrees whereas now it’s cloudy and in the upper 60’s. Tomorrow we’re supposed to have beautiful sunny skies with temps in the mid-80’s in Allentown, PA (home to Dorney Park).

Here’s some exciting news in the works: this session we are going to once again host a camp-wide favorite amongst our kids,…ILC Idol! Tonight’s evening activity is the ILC Idol’s preliminary rounds.  Each group will have individual auditions to see who will move forward to our camp-wide ILC Idol Finals next week. Oh, I should probably tell you what ILC Idol is, huh? Well, think American Idol goes to Island Lake and, well, there ya go! In the spirit of the beloved classic, American Idol, we are going to do our own rendition of this show for evening activity. That’s it in a nutshell. Stay tuned for updates as ILC Idol gets under way.

Today’s special feature is COOKING, SCIENCE, & VIDEO! We’re looking forward to a fantastic time at Dorney Park tomorrow. Until Friday, ILC U THERE!

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