June Parent News

Hey ILC parents!  This is it! Summer is just about here and we are happy to report that we are moving back up to camp once again!  Words cannot even begin to explain how wonderful it feels to return to our home away from home.  We are sooooo EXCITED for your children’s arrival on Saturday, June 29th.  We have amazing plans for this summer including exciting evening activities, an awesome Color War theme, a day trip to Dorney Park, a teen trip to Boston and Martha’s Vineyard, fun-filled theme days, and much more.  Let us just say, we have some awesome plans to make summer 2019 the GREATEST, and we cannot wait to share it all with your children!

Summer 2019 parents, have you filled out your forms yet?  Please make sure we have received your children’s Profile and Medical Forms. You can fill out the Profile Form directly online by logging into your CampMinder account.  The Medical Form is not an online form so you and your pediatrician must fill out the hard copy that we mailed to you a few months back.  If you misplaced it just click “Forms & Mailings” in the “Families” section of our website to download a new one.  We must have one for each child prior his/her arrival at camp.

Don’tforget that by registering with CampMinder you can send emails to your camper(s).  We will be posting daily blogs right here on our website once your children arrive at camp. Additionally, we will continue to tweet daily, post short video clips & photos on our Facebook page, and post photos on our Instagram page as often as possible.  With so much info for our parents, you will also feel as if you are experiencing a fun-filled summer first hand at Island Lake!

This summer we will post all of our camp photos directly through Waldo Photos (not CampMinder as we have done in previous summers).  Waldo Photos offers a very unique opportunity to see what is happening at camp with your child via facial recognition software.  If you enjoy scrolling through the galleries and looking at all of the photos, you will still be able to do so.  You can have photos of your camper(s) sent straight to your phone.  No more “Refresh, refresh, refresh!”  This optional service, offered by Waldo Photos, uses facial recognition to find the photos of your camper and then sends them to your phone via the Waldo App with notifications when new photos are found.  Multiple users are allowed for each subscription.  For more information to enroll and create an account, please see the email we sent to all of our current camp families dated May 8th.  If you did not receive this email and would like additional info, just give us a call at camp at 570-798-2550.  We’re so excited to offer this new opportunity to our camp families.

Now that we are back at camp, be sure to mail any outstanding payments and forms directly to our summer address in Starrucca, PA.  Do not use the New York return envelopes any longer as that mail takes quite some time to be forwarded to us at camp.

Well, that’s about it for now!  We look forward to meeting many of our new families at our OPEN HOUSE here at camp on Saturday, June 15th, at 11am.   We cannot wait to see the rest of our Island Lakers shortly afterwards!  ILC U HERE!!!

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