Monday, August 6th

Hi ILC Families! With this being our final week of camp, the whispers and murmurs of Color War are gaining momentum and are quickly becoming the loud talk around town. When is it going to break? How is it going to break? What will the teams be? These are all questions the kids are rightfully asking and so far from what I’ve heard, no one has come close to guessing the team names.

The other talk around town,…Revival Night! It has quickly become shortened to just “Revival,” as on a daily basis the kids keep trying to guess when it’s going to break. First they thought it was going to break out during Masked Karaoke last week. When it didn’t, they thought it was going to break during Magic Lunch in the dining room. When that didn’t happen they thought for sure it would break out during Music Lunch, but noooo. They also thought it would break during snack break the other day when our waterfront staff had their weekly meeting and set up the lake to look like Revival. Aren’t they sneaky? “What is Revival,” some of you rookie parents may be asking? Hmmmm, I’ll let your children tell you when they get home from camp. Let’s just say it’s an ILC tradition that the kids can’t live without each and every session.

In the meantime, guess what time it is? That’s right, it’s ILC weather forecast time! This forecast has been brought to you by Beaverhead. Scaring campers since 1986! We woke up this morning to sunny blue skies and temps already close to 70 degrees. It quickly warmed up to the upper 70’s by lunchtime and the mid 80’s by the afternoon hours with partly cloudy skies. It was fantastic weather for majors and minors.

Today was our once per session big outing for the tubing trip. A busload of campers headed to the Delaware River for a few hours of fun in the sun on inner tubes. They always have a blast and this activity is quite popular amongst our waterfront enthusiasts.

Today was our 2nd session “Big Air Sk8 Competition” over at where? You guessed it! The skatepark! Here’s a list of our winners:

Rollerblading-  3rd place- Miko M.:  2nd place- Griffin M.:  1st place- Sydney M. (do all rollerbladers have a last name that begins with an “M”?)

Skateboarding- winner is Danica M. (hey, all skatepark kids have a last name beginning with an “M”!)

And now it’s time for your ILC Morning News riddle. Yesterday’s riddle was: A child was born in 1955. Today is their 18th birthday. How is that possible? Answer: 1955 is the hospital room number the child was born in. (It took me a little bit of time but I’m happy to say I finally came up with the answer yesterday). Today’s riddle is: It has a tongue but never talks. It has no legs but sometimes walks. What is it?

Tonight’s evening activity is our older campers’ performance of “Sister Act”! Grab your nun habits and get ready to party with us tonight!

I’m happy to share with you David Lobel’s free downloadable link to last night’s CIRCUS SHOW. Check it out to see some beautiful photos from this fantastic, amazing, stupendous, out-of-this-world phenomenal show! Our campers were on the edge of their seats watching the wondrous acts of their fellow bunkmates and friends as they performed their hearts out.  Just click the photo below to be taken to his page.



The Circus Show is also today’s special feature. Enjoy and until tomorrow, ILCUTHERE!

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