Saturday, August 5th

Hi ILC Parents! Today we resumed our regular camp schedule with majors and minors once again. Being that this has been quite the rainy summer, of course we woke up to those liquid droplets pouring from the sky. Before first major, the sun started to peak out from behind the clouds. The temps stayed cool in the 60’s most of the day with the skies partly cloudy. It was a bit on the windy side, too. Great for sailing! What a summer in terms of weather, huh? I can write a whole blog about that alone! But I won’t bore you any further,…

It seems like we’re always celebrating something here at Island Lake. Today I held MUSIC LUNCH in the dining room. Some of you may be asking what Music Lunch is. Why it’s Island Lake’s very own Lollapoalooza/Coachella! Just kiddin’, I play music throughout the dining room for everyone to enjoy. Once the kids finish eating their lunches, they get up and dance and sing along to the pop tunes. It was a fun, festive time for our campers and staff. I even took lots of pictures to share with you below (see if you can figure out which pictures were taken during “The Wobble”).

Tonight’s evening activity is the Campers’ Choice Awards. It’s like the Teen Choice Awards except we don’t slime anyone! The Campers’ Choice Awards is a special night for the campers, by the campers. The goal is to have fun recognizing campers and staff who stood out this summer. We handed out ballots to each bunk ahead of time and asked them to fill them out and submit them back to their group leaders. The ballots were then tallied up and nominees were informed.

At the start of the night, we will lay out the red carpet in front of the theater. The nominees will walk down the red carpet while being interviewed by staff. Our photographer will be snapping photos and our other campers will be spectators. We’ll try to make it feel like a real red carpet event! Everyone will then enter the theater for the award show.

Here’s a list of categories for tonight’s festivities: rookie of the year (best 1st year counselor), most adorable camper, best major or minor, favorite department head/assistant department head, camp clown (funniest camper and funniest counselor), cutest camp couple, counselor of the summer, most likely to never stop coming back to camp, most likely to be famous some day, and most likely to be Color War general next summer. As the summer 2013 Lifetime Achievement Award winner, I’m very excited to attend the Campers’ Choice Awards tonight!

Below are photos from MUSIC LUNCH! Enjoy and until tomorrow, ILCUTHERE!

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