Thursday, July 11th

Happy Lazy Day!  Today was our second Lazy Day of the summer. Our campers had the opportunity to sleep in, which many needed, and then we had a big brunch at 10:30am.  We had an assortment of eggs, bacon, sausage, home fries, cold cereal, fruit salad, and our famous delicious sticky buns. Prior to brunch we had an optional breakfast at 8am for our early risers.

Prior to brunch, we had a quick rain shower pass through.  Our weather today wasn’t as stellar as it has previously been, but we were due for a cloudy day since we haven’t had one in quite awhile.  The gloomy weather didn’t affect us much since our campers were indoors at the movies and bowling alley.

Speaking of which, Groups 1 & 2 went to the bowling alley in Binghamton and Groups 3 & 4 went to the movie theater in Deposit to see Spiderman:  Far From Home.  The older kids said they really liked the movie.  Our younger kids had so much fun at the bowling alley where they went on bumper cars, played arcade games, and hey, some even bowled!

Yesterday’s riddle:  You can see me in water but I never get wet. What am I?  Answer: REFLECTION!  Congrats to Amanda H., Rachel B., and Meredith W. (not her husband this time around) for emailing me the correct answer.  A reminder to all of you other parents:  Feel free to email me your guesses for the daily riddles to find out if you got the answer correct and have your name posted in the following day’s blog.  I can be reached at

Tonight’s evening activity is GROUPS.  Here’s a breakdown of what everyone is doing:  GIRLS: Groups 1 & 3- Big Sister/Little Sister;  Groups 2 & 4- Big Sister/Little Sister.  We will match up the little ones with the older ones and they will do a bonding activity such as manicures/pedicures, makeovers, etc. BOYS:  Group 1- Moo Moo Capture.  It’s a big game of tag that involves wolves, calves, and cows.  The cows have to protect the calves and there’s a whole bunch of other rules involved.  Group 2- Casino Night.  DISCLAIMER: No real money will be exchanged! Group 3 & 4- Campfire.  Lots of S’mores will be made (Lucky kids!  If you know me personally then you’ll understand that I just may have to crash their evening activity!)

I just want to remind you that we didn’t post photos on Waldo today because it’s Lazy Day and we just didn’t feel like it.  Just kiddin’!  We’ll post pics again tomorrow, once our campers are back at their regularly scheduled major and minor activities.

Although it hasn’t rained since that shower earlier this morning, our cookout for dinner became a “cook-in” because we weren’t sure if rain would hit us (spoiler alert:  it’s didn’t!).  I took lots of photos (below) of campers at their dining room tables. These are not complete bunk photos by any means, as lots of kids were up getting food or visiting their friends. If you don’t see your children with their bunk then don’t worry, I promise all campers are here and accounted for. Until tomorrow when we will resume with our majors and minors, ILCUTHERE!

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