Thursday, July 25th

Hey Island Lake Families! Wow, 1 more full day left in this session before our first changeover day on Saturday.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, time sure does fly by when we’re having fun.  Blink your eyes twice and it’s already over (Cue sad music and tears).  For those of you with children coming home on Saturday, I hope they have only amazing ILC experiences to share with you.

Do I even need to tell you once again that today was yet another day of blue skies and temps in the 70’s here in the 18462?  We woke up to some cool, brisk temps but it quickly warmed up in the morning and then we reached the mid 70’s in the afternoon hours.

In ILC sports, our 10th  & 11th grade girls went out of camp for a Wayne County volleyball tournament at a nearby camp. We placed 4th out of 9 camps.  Proud of those girls.  Our 5th grade boys played in a soccer game out of camp this morning, too.  Although we didn’t win, our boys played hard and they played well. I hear they made it very difficult for the other team to score on us.

Our annual Skatepark Competition took place during 3rdminor today for our rad skateboarders and rollerbladers.  I will have the results and winners for you in tomorrow’s blog.  Our ILC Open is also finishing up during 3rd minor today with only 1 more tennis match to be played.  I’ll give you a list of winners for all of the completed matches. Congrats to:

Boys Group 1 winner- Logan O.:  Boys Group 2 winner- Diego Sanchez:  Boys Group 3 winner- Ignacy Chylinski:  Boys Group 4 winner- Emiliano Prada

Girls Group 2 winner- to be played today (no girls group 1 round was played):  Girls Group 3 winner- Fiona Gibbons:  Girls Group 4 winner- Marion Karp

Yesterday’s riddle and answer was:  You will always find me in the past.  I can be created in the present, but the future can never taint me.  What am I?  Answer:  History. Congrats to Ben W. for emailing me the correct answer.  Alexandrea W. also said the answer could be “a memory” and I can see that fitting into the riddle, as well.  Today’s brain teaser:  What breaks but never falls?  What falls but never breaks?

Tonight’s evening activity is the much anticipated, super duper greatest extravaganza, that some may even call the greatest show on earth.  Yup, that’s right, it’s the Island Lake Circus Show!  Lots of our campers will be participating and the rest of our campers will be spectators enjoying the show.

Last night’s younger children’s play, “Frozen”, was a huge success!  Wow, we have some talented children at this camp!!!  Their acting and singing skills entertained the audience throughout the entire show.  Of course, the whole camp enjoyed quietly singing, “Let It Go” with Elsa. Enjoy some of the photos below as well as in Waldo and until tomorrow, ILCUTHERE!

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